A few words about us

We are the only promo / booking service portal on the Slovak market. With us, you can easily, quickly and comfortably book or pay for any service. Similarly, we also operate easily for providers. The number of visits, orders and the offer with us from day to day grows very fast. Our priority is to save your time, nerves and quality by ensuring healthy competition.

The idea of acco was born in the beginning of 2016 in the hands of enthusiastic programmers. From this moment until August 2018, we worked hard on realization. Subsequently, the portal was launched into the hot spot. The word acco is derived from the Italian Almanacco, which translates into a calendar. We are currently operating in Slovakia, but our vision goes beyond the borders.

We keep the thumbs up for service seekers to keep their choices above their expectations. And for the entrepreneurs, whose number of satisfied customers multiplies thanks to us.

Executive Director and founder
Ing. Ján Rudľovský

How to use acco

Are you customer?

And you are looking for a hairdresser, hairdresser, piercing, tattoo, plastic surgeon, conference room, dentist, foreign language, various courses and other services in your area or anywhere in Slovakia, with online booking or payment.



Are you provider?

And you want to highlight any service through images or videos while using the booking system, billing, notifications, online payments and many other features, totally free and forever!


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